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College Essay Writing 101

There is not a "one size fits all" way to write college essays. You don't have time for a five step approach with practice essays.

Each student is unique in voice and learning style, so you need a tutor that tailor fits essay assistance to what works best for you to get the results you need now. 

Taking the SAT and ACT
  • Which test should I take?

  • How many times should I take it?

  • Do I have to complete the essay?  

  • What kind of score do I need?


Forget what you thought you knew about the SAT and ACT. There is a skill to taking these tests, and we will prepare you and show you how to be successful.   

GPA: How important is it?
  • Which is better: an easier "A" not weighted or a weighted "B+"?

  • Does it help me get into college if I take dual credit?

  • How important are AP/IB courses for college?


We will answer these questions and help you choose the best path for you.

Creating a College Resume
  • Why do I need one?

  • What should I include?

  • Does it have to be in a certain format? 

  • I've done so much in high school that my resume is six pages; is that ok?


We will answer these questions for you and work with you to prepare a stellar resume.

Applying for Scholarships
  • How can I find out about available scholarships?

  • Am I a qualified applicant for scholarships? When should I start applying for them? How do I write an effective essay for them?

We will answer these questions and guide you through this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is any of this important?

A: Competition for college admission is fierce. You need an edge to ensure you are prepared.


Q: How is Q2 different?

A: Everything we do is individualized for each student based on student strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.


Q: Do I have to sign up for a certain number of sessions? Is there a contract?

A: No. You choose how much or how little time you need with us.

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We offer online sessions, so you can schedule when it is convenient for you. With flexible hours, choose from early morning to late evening. Assisting you with your academic success is simpler than ever!

In home sessions are also available for students in the Austin area. 

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