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College Services

There are few things more important after high school than quality education in order to find and forge a successful career path. That process can be overwhelming and cumbersome. Q2 is here to help make this experience a successful and stress-free process for you.

College Essays
Writing, Editing, and Revising

Since this is a personal unique process for each student, a "one size fits all" approach is ineffective. There is a vast spectrum of student competency concerning precision essay writing. Therefore, Deborah will spend as much or as little time as you want or need in order to complete the essay process.


While students have been exposed to numerous tests throughout their years in school, few have experienced exams that test the level of knowledge that can be found on these two entrance exams. Knowing how to prepare and take these exams before spending the money is paramount. The SAT and ACT exams have different components and require specific approaches for success.

College Resume
Writing, Editing, and Revising

The resume writing process, although unique to each person, has some key elements that need to be followed to increase the impact; for some students this is a new process. However, other students are savvy when it comes to putting together a personal resume and do a wonderful job, so perhaps they just need a bit of editing and formatting.

College Application
Processing and Paying for College

It's hard to know what information is important and accurate when it comes to planning your future college education. Which entrance exams are better to take? How do I find hard to find scholarship information? No matter what question you have concerning your future education, we will answer it, provide information, and walk you through the steps necessary to reach your path of self-discovery and successful completion of the college application process.

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